Cotton-harvesting campaign started in Turkmenistan

31 August, 2017

On August 30, cotton-harvesting campaign started in Turkmenistan. Cotton is one of the strategic agricultural crops of Turkmenistan, to production ramp up of which it is attached prime significance. The cotton itself and textile products, manufactured of it, being in great demand on the world markets, are weighty export item.

In the current year, Turkmenistan plans to cure 1 million 50 thousand tons of “white gold”, particularly in Akhal velayat – 207 thousand tons, in Dashoguz velayat – 230 thousand tons, in Lebap velayat – 300 thousand tons, in Mary velayat – 313 thousand tons. The total area of land, allotted for cotton is 545 thousand hectares. In spring, they were sowed with medium- and finely-fibred varieties of cotton – “133”, “Yoloten-7”, “Dashoguz-120”, “Serdar”, “C-4727”, “Yoloten-39”, “Yoloten-14”, etc.

Peculiarity of this harvest season is the high level of mechanization and automation of individual process industries. So, harvest will involve 948 cotton combines, that is in 2.2 times more than last year. Afield, there will be also deployed 2,535 vehicles, 2,506 tractors and 3,564 tractor trailers, intended for the raw cotton carting.

At the local level for the smooth operation of the cotton-harvesting conveyor system, it is organized round-the-clock technical and service maintenance of active equipment, the adequate conditions for a productive work and a good rest of machine operators, drivers and skilled workers of hand cotton picking. For the cotton processing before machine harvest, it is purchased defoliant in the right quantities. As always there will be involved not only specialized tractors, but the special clippers.

For the new harvest of cotton, there are prepared 152 commodity points and 38 country’s cotton gin plants. In laboratories, located at the receiving points and plants, specialists of the “Turkmenstandartlary” State Service will ensure strict quality control of incoming production.